Ona Amada Eze (CFE)Human Resource Operations Assistant

areas of expertise
  • HR Business Operations
  • Organizational Design and Structuring,
  • Employee Engagement
  • Recruitment and Learning and development

Ona Amanda Eze (CFE) B.Sc. International Law and Diplomacy. Ona believes in a total service to people as she understands their unwavering significance to the proper functionality of every system. Her interests include recruitment, learning and development, employee engagement and organizational structure and development.

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  • How Do You Require Customers to Wear Masks Without Endangering Employees?

    Employers that ask customers to wear face masks walk a fine line between complying with mask mandates and putting employees at risk if customers refuse and respond violently. Businesses are training employees to de-escalate these potentially tense encounters. Violent Reactions Lily Damtew, owner of Abyssinia Market & Coffee House in Alexandria, Va., knows firsthand about

    August 6, 2020

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